Making the MOST of your Azure Website

The Azure Standard website is packed with products, information, and helpful tidbits.  We won’t detail every aspect of it here– we want you to have some fun exploring.  However, we do want to call your attention to some of the main points of interest:

Home:  This page gives you a glimpse of the latest information in the broad spectrum of the entire website– get a sneak peek into featured items, specials, new products and articles, announcements, and more.  Simply click on anything there to find out more.

Search:  The Search option can be found on any page of the Azure website.   In 2013, we upgraded the Search format so that it is akin to the standard searching you do throughout the web.  The more exact information you type in, the more accurate the items returned will be (i.e. fewer results, but likely what you are looking for).  The more general your search is, the more results that will be returned- but maybe not be exactly what you are wanting.  For example, say you want a bag of sesame seed.  If you just type in "sesame," the search will return products from crackers with sesame in them to sesame oil, etc.  If you type in “sesame bulk,” just the various sizes of bulk sesame products will be returned.  One other bonus of the new search, it is more forgiving of misspellings!

Shop:  Here you can choose to browse by Category, Brand Name, Item Code, or you Browse All.  Be sure to log in first so you can see product pricing. 

Catalogs & Publications:  If you need an extra catalog or sales’ flyer, you can get one here (or email a link to a friend)!  Either download a PDF (keep in mind, it is a large file), or request that we send you one.

Ordering Info:  Most of the information under this tab is included in this handbook (Getting Started, Web Tips, Policies)!  BUT, you will enjoy the quick and easy access to the schedule of deliveries located here, as well as the customer service contact information and comment submission option.  We always want to hear your feedback!

About Us:  This is the spot for all the extra info you will enjoy.  Look for the history of Azure, as well as what we’re up to today!  There are articles of interest, company and employment announcements, links to all of our vendors’ websites, videos, and much more coming.  Keep your eye tuned to the About Us tab– that’s where we’ll be telling and showing you what’s moving and shaking in and around Azure.  AND, be sure to notice the Suggest a Product link there too.

Favorites:  This is a very handy and time-saving tool if you use it!  It allows you to store favorite items and sort by item code, price, name or brand.  Each time you browse and order products, mark as favorites all the ones you know you’ll be buying again and again.  They will be saved here!  When you want to fill your shopping cart, first go through your list of favorites, and click the little box next to each item you want, then choose “Add checked items to cart.”  NOTE:  The little box at the top of the columns, to the right of “Quantity” is if you want to check ALL of your favorites to put into your cart. If you check that box, but don’t want all of the items, you will have to go back through and uncheck items you don’t want.  Finally, we know that some things might not stay your favorite forever– simply click the trash can next to any item that has fallen out of favor, and it will leave your favorites list.  Forget what’s in that favorite thing of yours?  Just click on the name of the item, and you’ll go to the product page which lists the ingredients, country of origin, and all the particulars about it.

My Account:  This is the place to keep all of your contact and drop information current and accurate– physical and email addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Plus, you can view and print past or pending order invoices.  One new feature you will see (not relevant for Will Call customers) is an “Opt Out” box which relates to the email order reminders/”Snippets” that we send you in advance of every order.  You can change your status to receive or not receive those emails as you see fit.

Cart:  This is the biggie.  Your cart is quite versatile, and the more you learn to use it, the faster you will get at ordering exactly what you want. 

*Shop Quickly- If you know your product numbers, you can swiftly fill your shopping cart with multiple product numbers at a time in succession.  In the “code” field of your Cart, type in a product number, hit Enter, and you’re ready to type in the next product number.  If you need to change the quantity, simply tab once to the “qty” field, change the number and hit Enter.  Then, go again.  You can be finished with a large, complex order in a matter of minutes!

*Find What You Need– Use the blue links for searching by category, brand, item or specials. 

*If you change your mind about ordering an item, simply click the trash can.  If you want to make the item a favorite, click the gold star. 

*Be sure to review and update the quantities of all the items you put in your cart.

Extra Notes

  • Don’t worry about losing the contents of your cart due to power failure, loss of internet connection, or even navigating away from the Azure website.  Your cart is automatically updated and saved as you move along through your order; come back to it at any time to finish filling and complete your order.
  • Even after you have completed your order, you can make changes to it right up to your cutoff time.  Just click “resume” under “My Account."  After you are finished adding to your order, be sure to check out again to complete the order.

Feel free to send us feedback and thoughts on how we can continue to improve the Azure Standard website.

Inventory Numbers

  • On the website, we provide live inventory numbers alongside our products.  The stock available number is the amount that is in the warehouse at that very moment, and not already ordered by another customer.  HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE that inventory is NOT DIRECTLY ALLOCATED until it is picked and packed for shipping.  That means: The earlier you order, the less accurately the inventory numbers will reflect availability when product is actually picked and packed.  For example, if someone orders after you do, but their delivery date is before yours, product will be allocated to their order first.  For most products, that is not a problem as we keep ample stock.  The inventory numbers we post on the website are intended to give a good idea of availability, but are not a written or implied guarantee that the product will be in stock at the time of shipping.
  • If more of a specific product is on order from the supplier, there will be an "on purchase" number with an estimated date of arrival below the "stock available" number. The estimated arrival date is purely an estimate.  If a shipment is late, the date will show as in the past.  When the new shipment arrives, the “on purchase” date will disappear, and the received quantities will be added to the “stock available.”  
  • It is best to order your produce as close to your cutoff date as possible, to help guarantee that you will get what you want and order.  Produce turnover and availability changes daily– especially in peak season.  Therefore, in stock numbers are not shown for produce.  The best way to know if produce is in stock is to check the website items  Only in stockproduce is visible on the website.  If you are ordering produce on your cutoff day, to the best of our knowledge, the item will be available for your order; Azure strives to keep produce in stock and available, and to minimize any inconvenience of out-of-stock items.