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Bulk Whole Barley - Animal Feed, Organic

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45 lbs.
47.0 lb.

Product Description

Organic whole barley for your farm stock.

This product may contain small amounts of smut kernels. Smutted kernels in small concentrations do not pose any danger to poultry, livestock, or humans. Smut is a common fungus that grows on cereal grains causing some of the kernels to turn black. Azure’s animal feed barley is cleaned prior to packaging to remove excessive amounts of smut if present. Due to past concerns by customers, Azure had this product tested and confirmed with the Oregon State University extension service that it does not contain any fungus dangerous to animals.

Azure’s organic farming methods do not allow the use of fungicides to control smut. Conventional farming methods, not approved by organic standards of Azure, control smut by using seeds that have been treated most commonly with the fungicide Carboxin, a chemical group that is highly toxic to fish and mammals and contains heavy metals including Mercury.  Azure’s organic barley feed is produced without any toxic chemicals that affect the environment or your livestock.

Product Attributes

Country of Origin: United States of America