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Montana Milling Wheat Flour, Unbleached (with germ), Organic

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Product Description

Prairie Dancer's White Flour is made from Hard Red Wheat from Montana which has been sifted to remove most of the bran but retain the germ. This results in a white flour that is not as white in color as you might expect. For many, this organic flour is a happy medium between pure white and whole wheat flours.

Product contains Wheat allergen. Product may contain Soybeans. Product processed, packaged, and stored in a plant that handles Soybeans. Additionally, previous crop rotations may be a Soybean crop.

Ingredients: 100% Triple Cleaned Hard Red Wheat, Organic.


Product of the Northwest region of the United States and Southwestern Canada.

General Nutrition Information

Per 100 grams/USDA Nutritional Database Information

Water 10.7g

Energy 340 kcal

Protein 13.2g

Total Lipid (fat) 2.5g

Carbohydrate by difference 72g

Fiber, total dietary 10.7g

Sugars, total 0.41g

Calcium 34mg

Iron, FE 3.6mg

Magnesium, Mg 137mg

Phophorus, P 357mg

Potassium, K 363mg

Sodium, Ns 2mg

Zinc, Zn 2.6g

Vitamin C 0mg

Thiamin 0.5mg

Riboflavin 0.17mg

Niacin 4.96mg

Fatty Acids, total saturated 0.43g

Fatty Acids, total monounsaturated 0.28g

Fatty Acids, total polyunsaturated 1.17g

Cholesterol 0mg