Azure Standard Vanilla Beans, Whole

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1 oz.
0.1 lb.
60 expected to arrive on Sept. 4, 2015

Product Description

Whole black, slightly oily beans, approximately 13cm in length. Aroma and flavor sweet, floral, delicate.

INGREDIENTS: Vanilla Bean (Vanilla tahitensis)

  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher

Country of Origin: New Guinea

How to cut vanilla beans: 1. Always keep finger 1/2" behind knife. 2. If bean is hard, soak it in liquid until soft (milk or water, or liquid you will be using). 3. Use paper coffee filter, if you don’t want to show the seeds and bean in your recipe. 4. If you want your coffee to have real vanilla flavor, dry the vanilla bean until hard and drop a piece into your coffee mill before you grind you coffee and adjust to taste and cups. Step 1: Be careful. Bean must be soft. Insert point of knife 1/2 inch from tip of bean. Step 2: Turn bean around so that you can push the tip of the knife blade along the length of the bean (working away from you). Step 3: Open and lay bean flat. Then, scrape out as many of the seeds as you need for your recipe.