Policies & Guidelines


  • “Transitional”  produce or items are in the process of becoming certified organic.  They must carry the transitional certificate for 3 years– verifying organic practices during that time, before they can be    issued the organic certification.
  • “Organic” products have  completed the guidelines and requirements necessary to obtain (and retain) an organic certification.
  •  Azure carries roughly 9,000 items from toothpaste to fencing to produce.  BUT,you might have a favorite thing that we just don’t know about yet.  LET US KNOW!  You can make your suggestion on the website via the “Suggest a Product” link, or give us a call.  Be sure to provide as much information about the product as possible, including why you like it so much, and supplier contact information. If you have questions about any Azure product, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department.
  • Each new product presented to Azure goes through a thorough review by a minimum of 10 people on a panel, and includes taste testing, product trial, and ingredient verification.  Products NOT endorsed or knowingly sold by Azure include: Artificial preservatives, fluoride, GMO’s, pork products, shellfish products, coffee, alcoholic products, tobacco,  refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and colors, bleached flours, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and nitrates/nitrites.  If you notice any of these ingredients in any of our products, please let us know.
  • Products are offered in both individual and bulk sizes– suitable for the single person, or the large family.  Purchasing in the bulk sizes let’s you take advantage of the extra bulk savings!

Ordering & Delivery

  • Azure typically delivers just once per month to a drop point, but some routes are able to receive product more often than that.  UPS delivery is available for some products, but only encouraged when the need for a product is urgent.  
  • For a truck to stop at a particular location, that “drop” must have a total order of at least $550.00. If your drop is what we refer to as “off route,” there will be a different minimum amount required based upon the distance the driver is traveling. Typically, we require an additional $85.00 worth of product purchased for each mile driven off route. For example, if a drop is 20 miles off route, it would have a minimum drop requirement of $2,250.00.
  • If a drop does not reach its minimum, customers' orders will not be voided; they will be shipped the following month, or the next time the drop reaches its minimum.
  • Each individual customer’s order minimum is $50.  If the order is less than that, a $5 handling fee is charged for orders delivered by standard truck route.  If you choose to have your order delivered by UPS or USPS, or it is a will call, the handling fee will be a maximum of $2.50.
  • If you are in an area with a fuel surcharge, you will also have an 8.5% shipping charge added to your invoice once the truck is loaded. You can approximate your grand total by multiplying your total product amount in your cart by 1.085.  Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and deliveries east of Missoula, MT have a fuel/delivery charge because of the long distance.  This is figured as a percentage of your order.   
  • For orders shipped by common carrier, UPS, or barge, all shipping costs will be added to your order.  Frozen and refrigerated items may not be available using these shipping methods. Please feel free to call for further details.
  • We do our best to ship quality produce to Alaska and Hawaii, but due to unpredictable conditions at barge lines, we will not guarantee the quality on arrival. 
  • You can place your order online, over the phone, by fax, or snail mail if you want!  (sorry, no orders accepted by email at this time)  For all orders, except those placed through the website, use the order form in the back of the product catalog. Be sure to consult  and pay attention to the schedule of route deliveries and cutoff dates at the back of the product catalog, or at www.azurestandard.com/drops/schedule for details on deliveries to your specific location.

*Phone Orders: Have your customer number, product numbers and quantities ready when you call.  Phone order cutoff is 4 p.m. PST, 3 p.m. on Fridays.

*Fax Orders:  Fill out order form completely, including name, customer number, phone number, address, and location/name of contact where order will be delivered.   Write legibly in a dark pen color. Fax order cutoff is 12:00 p.m. PST on your route’s cutoff day.  We encourage you to call to confirm that your faxed order was received.

*Mail Orders:  Use dark pen, write legibly, and fill out order form completely, including name,  customer number, phone number, address, and location/name of contact where order will be delivered. Please allow 5-6 working days before your cutoff date (consider mail holidays!) for your order by mail to reach us and be processed.

  • If you have access to internet, online ordering is the fastest & easiest way to order.  You can see all the products available to you, as well as their inventory levels!  See “Making the Most of your Azure Website” on page 4 for details on managing your order online.
  • If it has been a while since you ordered from us and you don’t remember your customer number, give us a call!  We consider you a customer for life unless we hear otherwise. Therefore, your customer number will never change and follows you wherever you go.  If you happen to forget or lose it, we are happy to remind you of it!  If you move, we are also happy to put you in contact with a drop coordinator in your new city or town.
  • On the website, we provide live inventory numbers alongside our products.  The stock available number is the amount that is in the warehouse at that very moment, and not already ordered by another customer.  HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE that inventory is NOT DIRECTLY ALLOCATED until it is picked and packed for shipping.  That means: The earlier you order, the less accurately the inventory numbers will reflect availability when product is actually picked and packed.  For example, if someone orders after you do, but their delivery date is before yours, product will be allocated to their order first.  For most products, that is not a problem as we keep ample stock.  The inventory numbers we post on the website are intended to give a good idea of availability, but are not a written or implied guarantee that the product will be in stock at the time of shipping.
  • If more of a specific product is on order from the supplier, there will be an "on purchase" number with an estimated date of arrival below the "stock available" number.  The estimated arrival date is purely an estimate.  If a shipment is late, the date will show as in the past.  When the new shipment arrives, the “on purchase” date will disappear, and the received quantities will be added to the “stock available.”  
  • It is best to order your produce as close to your cutoff date as possible, to help guarantee that you will get what you want and order.  Produce turnover and availability changes daily– especially in peak season.  Therefore, in stock numbers are not shown for produce.  The best way to know if produce is in stock is to check the website items www.azurestandard.com/shop/category/QP.  Only in stock produce is visible on the website.  If you are ordering produce on your cutoff day, to the best of our knowledge, the item will be available for your order; Azure strives to keep produce in stock and available, and to minimize any inconvenience of out-of-stock items.
  • Remember to add item CT005 to your order so that you can receive the free sales flyer with your order. We also strongly encourage you to purchase a subscription so that you receive the sales flyers, catalogs and other publications by mail—add item number CT014 to your order.  
  • Please note that we do not use a backorder system.  If you ordered but did not receive an item because it was out of stock, you will need to order it again with your next order, or when it is next available. (The minumum order must be met each time.)


Pricing & Payments

  • We strive to offer you, our customers, the best possible prices by operating on a cost-plus basis and passing on to you any savings when costs go down. That said, our prices are subject to change without notice, so prices in the printed catalog may not remain accurate during its efficacy period.  We do our best to keep the website prices up to date, but price changes may occur between the time you order, and the time your order is picked and packed (especially if you order far in advance of your cutoff date).  Please feel free to give us a call at any time for current pricing.
  • While we do our absolute best to carefully proof all of our material, mistakes can happen, and we will not be obligated by typographical errors or mis-printed prices.
  • We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).  We do not accept food stamps or coupons.  Checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to an additional $20 service charge.  All items must be paid for when delivered, unless you have approved credit terms with us. 
  • All credit accounts are net 10 days.  Service will be discontinued if any invoices are over 30 days past due.  A billing service charge of $5.00 per month may be added to accounts due past 30 days.
  • In order that your account be properly credited when we receive your payment, please note all adjustments (if any) on a note enclosed with your check. Please be sure to write your invoice number on your check or include it on a note with your check. Please pay with one check for your invoice, unless prior authorization is made at the office. All orders being delivered by barge to Alaska or Hawaii must be pre-paid unless prior authorization is made.


Product Returns

  • We will gladly give you full credit for any missing or damaged goods in your order.  You must report items you wish to return within three (3) working days of your order delivery (Insect contamination can be reported within seven (7) days).  Call or email us with your name, invoice number, the product you want to return, and the nature of the problem.
  • Any item being returned for a reason other than being damaged or mis-shipped, is subject to a 10% restocking fee which will be deducted from the credit given for said product.
  • To return any item, you need to call Customer Service and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for the item.  
  • All return items must have a RMA and be in original packaging- carefully packaged to ensure safe return.  
  • No returns will be accepted, 1) without the item(s) being carefully boxed or packaged to ensure a safe return home, and 2) without the Product Return Authorization Number being clearly printed, and attached to said package

  • All damaged products must be returned to Azure in order for you to receive credit to your  account.  Unless otherwise authorized, please do not deduct the price of items you intend to return from a current invoice.
  • Credit for returned items will be applied to your Azure account, not a credit card, to go towards future Azure purchases.  A credit back to a credit card can be done upon customer request.


Drop Point & Product Deliveries

  • Your drop coordinator is an individual—or rotating group of individuals, who volunteers as the contact person for a specific drop location.  He or she is not an employee of Azure, is not getting paid to help coordinate the drop, but kindly acts as the local “go to” person for the drop group.  Any logistics’ questions you have about getting your products can be directed to that person.  Of course you are always welcome to call us, but the local coordinator often has a better idea of the up-to-date logistics for your drop.
  • Your drop point coordinator is responsible for the following:

    *Maintaining drop location

    *Keeping drop group members informed and organized

    *Establishing & maintaining the relationship with delivery driver

    *“Receiving” products

  • Shortly before each order cutoff date, you will receive an order reminder email from Azure (if you have email), and you will likely receive a reminder from your drop coordinator–  especially if your drop has not yet reached the minimum order level.  

Delivery Day

  • If meeting your driver, be on time to pick up your order.  Delivery drivers are on very tight schedules, and they typically schedule each drop to last only 15-30 minutes.  If drop location will be holding or storing your items temporarily, be respectful of the host’s time and space.
  • Have your payment ready, if you haven’t already paid by credit/debit card.
  • Verify that you received everything on your packing list, and that all items are suitable (driver will not wait while you do this). 
  • If you receive a wrong item or an item you did not order but would like to keep, Azure Customer Service can check to see if they can offer you the item at a discounted rate. Keep in mind that not all items can or will be discounted. If you do not want to keep the item, follow the procedure for returning items (see above).
  • If you were charged for an item you did not receive, contact Azure Standard Customer Service.
  • If you are not available to pick up your order, be sure to coordinate with someone else to pick it up for you!  It is likely that your drop will have an established procedure for unclaimed orders, but that might simply be for the order to be returned.  In that case, you may be charged (at minimum) a 10% re-stocking fee.
  • Last but not least, have FUN! Take the opportunity to talk with your neighbors and fellow Azure customers– you might just have a lot in common!


Other Policies

  • We close for one week during the year. (see Schedule of Deliveries - CT004 for details - it's free!) - Winter Inventory- generally between Christmas and New Year's
  • Please note that we deliver in a four-week cycle so orders are not always delivered at a predictable time such as “the first Monday of the month.” That doesn’t work if there happen to be five Mondays in a month, or if we take a vacation as listed above.
  • The approximate delivery days (listed in our Schedule of Deliveries) are subject to change at any time due to order volume, road conditions, etc.