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Feb. 14, 2014 Seeds! For Mind & Body

By Leanne Haight. For many people, seeds are daunting - whether understanding the difference between them, knowing when to plant them, or even how to harvest them for future plantings. ...

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Jan. 2, 2014 Resolutions!

by Leanne Haight. Welcome to 2014! With the new year, many people set out to make changes in their lives, adopting new patterns, releasing old ones- establishing resolutions. It is a timely opportunity for us to look at some of the resolutions being undertaken, and the many ways Azure can help. If you look at Azure’s list of Core Values, as well as its Mission Statement, the first and foremost quest is to Inspire Healthy and Abundant Living. That goes way beyond food! ...

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Nov. 14, 2013 Our Common Denominator in Azure’s Diverse Culture

by Leanne Haight. Just as Azure Standard encourages and cultivates bio-diverse crops, it recognizes and honors diversity in life as a whole. This is evident in the broad range of Azure’s customers. ...

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Oct. 17, 2013 Edison Grainery!

Edison Grainery is the culmination of decades of experience and a search for a better and healthier life. Little did Jeffrey and Amy Barnes know thirty years ago that their experiences would manifest in their very own company, dedicated to organic integrity and cultivating relationships. But it did.

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Sept. 4, 2013 Wheat

by Leanne Haight. I have wheat on my mind. I’m not a wheat farmer. I’m not gluten intolerant. Aside from my brilliant piece of fresh sourdough toast in the morning (thank you Blue Skies Bakery FG586!!), I don’t even eat that much of it anymore. But, I think about it a lot.

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