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Dec. 8, 2012


December 2012

Ruthanne Eberly and Heather Brown became friends in 1989.  They worked together at a little resort on Chinook Pass, where they learned all areas of the business from bussing, waiting tables, and cleaning resort cabins, to bookkeeping and customer service.  In 1996, they moved to the Spokane area to go to Bible School, and in 1998 they both married their husbands, Drew and Nathan. Since then, they both had kids and realized how important eating natural foods and cleaning with natural products are to building a healthy family.  Maid Naturally was started in 2006 with the simple goal of creating extra income.  But, it became an opportunity to build a dream.  Today, their maid service employs 15 staff, and their line of cleaning products is sold nation-wide.

“We want to pass on to our customers the benefits of natural cleaners by using only Maid Naturally products in your home. We are both dedicated to making sure your home shines naturally!   We'd be honored to serve you.” Ruthanne & Heather

Maid Naturally has its eye on the future as well.  It has had exceptional growth every year since 2006, and it intends to keep that going.  In addition to building the product lines of natural cleaners, and the professional cleaning service it provides primarily to residential customers, Maid Naturally is expanding its consulting services - helping other maid services get up and running with superior techniques, products and customer service by providing training, ligature, forms, manuals and “Bulk” supplies.

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