Azure's GMO Statement

Jan. 31, 2013

In our effort to support the Proposition 37 endeavor that was paramount in California- the one that would have required GMO’s to be noted on labels, we made a statement that was geared towards Azure’s vision, versus where we actually stand today.   We are very sorry for this confusion, and understand that it may have appeared to be contradictory.  Please allow us to clarify and state exactly where we stand on GMO’s.

The truth is, we do not knowingly purchase any new items that have GMO’s in them.   We are diligent in requiring non-GMO statements for all items that are not certified organic.  The challenge we face is in the 9000 existing products we carry and supply to our customers.  We are going through them piece by piece.  When we come across products that contain GMO’s, we either work with the vendors to help correct that -asking them to change their ingredients to get rid of the GMO’s, or we replace the items with clean products.  In some cases, we can and do simply discontinue items.  This is a large process- and one that is not static.  Sometimes vendors switch their ingredients without making any changes to their labels or notifying us.  So, without a lot of digging, one would never know the product went from using non-GMO to GMO.   But, we do try very hard to stay on top of this, and always encourage customers to let us know when they have learned of this type of thing, or when they find a product we carry that has GMO’s in general.

There is one more piece to this truth that is fundamentally harder to deal with, and we truly care about this too.  It is best illustrated by a real example:  One of our vendors has been supplying us with a product for many years.  A main ingredient in the product is GMO.  We have looked for a replacement for the type of product, but have not yet found an alternative that is clean.  We have worked closely with this vendor to help them find the main ingredient from a non-GMO source, and as of yet we have not been successful.  The thing is, the vendor is a small business.  Azure is by far its biggest buyer, and without Azure, this small company - whose sole purpose is to fund a non-profit school, would go out of business.  We feel we have to deeply consider this factor, as the consequences could be devastating for some very well-meaning people.  So, in the meantime, while we search for a better solution, we continue to buy their product, supply it to our customers who want it, and note clearly that it contains GMO ingredients.

The fact of the matter is that Azure does not support GMO’s at all.  The Stelzer family without waver has been using organic farming practices since the mid-1970’s, long before “organic” had the meaning that it does today.  If we could eradicate the world of GMO’s, we would.  Short of that, we can guarantee you that we are doing everything we can to eliminate them from all of the products we carry by encouraging the companies we support to make other, better, healthier choices for their ingredients and our customers.  Azure’s ultimate vision is to feed the world truly wholesome and healthy food, and we are working our way towards that.  In the very rare cases, such as the story illustrated above, we do feel compelled to consider the bigger picture, all the while searching for better answers.  In those cases, we make sure to label the GMO content clearly.

From our core, we thank you for believing in our vision to help everyone realize their greatest potential in abundant and healthy living.  We strive to support you, our customers, by providing the highest quality ingredients we can find, and the information and knowledge you need to make empowered choices.  In turn, we are ever thankful that you choose to support Azure Standard.

With Sincere Gratitude,